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Engraving and CNC Milling machine with CAD/CAM system

This factory is equipped with sophisticated engraving and CNC 3-axis & 4-axis milling machine with CAD/CAM system. Full use is made of CAD/CAM technology including Unigraphics Software and Spark Erosion Facilities and is one of the most advanced factories of its kind in Mumbai, India.

Job Types Capabilities : • Male Female Stamping Punch 
• Gelatin Capsule Roll
• Soap Dies Manufacturing
• Spark Erosion Facility 
• Name Plate Engraving
• Mould Design and Fabrication
• Rotar Die Casting
• Dyes for electrical motor 
• Dies for Stereographic Printing 
• Engraving on Plastic Moulds
• Assembly
• Precision Milling and Spark Erosion Facility

Company details

Partners Ranjan Vithal Vagal, Gautam Ranjan Vagal, Saurabh Ranjan Vagal.
Year Founded 1938 Year Established 1951
Business Type Engravers & Die making
Sister Concern Ranjan Art Engravers, Mumbai - Estd. - 1972
G.S. Engineers and Engravers, Mumbai - Estd. - 1994
Current Export Markets India, Srilanka, Nepal, UAE, Oman, UK, Malaysia, Egypt, Vietnam
Business Type Soap Die Manufacturer, Engraving and Job Work