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Stur 3 Soap Die Set
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Modern Engravers is one of the finest and specialist in manufacturing of Soap Dies, Soap Moulds, Muti Cavity Soap Moulds. We manufacture soap dies for all Soap Stamping Machine : Precision, Greg Vin, BSM, USN 3, IMSA, Binnacchi, Mazzoni, SAS, Britannia, Chemco, Sela, Mill India, Maharashtra Stamper to name a few. Soap dies are manufactured for a wide range of stampers like manual stampers, semi-automatic stamper, fully automatic stampers and high speed stamping machines having 1 cavity to 15 cavity (number of cavities or pockets).

Our approach to work is customer centric and to confirm and abide by quality standards we also provide fully 2D and 3D dimension drawings for approval to our customers. Work is only carried for the main dies once the drawings are approved which is a standard practice. Upon request of customer we also provide a pilot die for checking of soap weight etc. All the dies are manufactured in-house with state of art facility, modern and well equipped Tool Room. We also provide different finishes to the Soap Die and Soap Moulds like sand blasting, mirror polish, diamond polish and Neflon 500 coating which enhances the surface finish of the soap and also provides good ejection after stamping. Apart from manufacturing of main soap dies, we also cater to manufacturing of Ejector Pads, Pocketed Belt, Suction Cups, Nozzle Plate, Water and Air Connectors.

Stur 3 Die Set
BSM 500 Die Set
HRD Stamper Die Set
Single Cavity Pilot Die Set
Sela Line 2.5 MT Die Set.
USN 3 Die Set
Soap Filligree Design
Sela Line 2.5 MT Die Set.
Stur 10 Die Set
Stur 14 Die Set
Stur 2 Die Set
XLD 480 Die Set.
Binacchi 2400 Die Set
Britannia Rotory Die Set
Mazzoni STU Die Set
Stur 6 Die Set
Stur 7 Die Set
Stur 2 Die Set
Stur 3 Die Set
SAS Condor Die Set
CAD/CAM Design
Sela Line 1 MT Die Set.
Soap Die Shell
Soap Die Mould Stur 8 Die Set
The Soap Dies, Soap Moulds and Multi Cavity Soap Moulds are quality tested on various parameters like dimensional tolerance, weight tolerance, hydro test and material test report as per request. Currently we are supplying our Soap Dies, Soap Moulds and Multi Cavity Soap Moulds Pan India and also exporting the same Current Export Markets India, Srilanka, Nepal, UAE, Oman, UK, Malaysia, Egypt, Vietnam

Cited below are attributes of our Soap Die set and Soap moulds
Complete fabricated die set for hand stamping, semi-automatic and fully automatic machines
• Dies for Stampers - Precision, Greg Vin, Mill Stamper, Mazzoni - Stur, Binnachi, IMSA, USN, Maharashtra Stamper, SAS, Britannia Stamper
• Soap Shape designing complete with volume and weight analysis on high end CAD/CAM system
• Technical Drawing of any soap shape in 2D and 3D
• Prototypes in Resin with Engraving on request
• Trial- run Single Cavity Die (Pilot Die)
• Zig-Zag cooling channel designed for each die set to provide optimum die chilling efficiency
• Interchangeable Soap Ejector Pads with Air Technology
• Accessories - Pocketed Belts, Suction cups, Profile Fingers, Water and air connectors
• Hydro Tests performed to ensure perfect engineering, leak-proof dies and trouble free installation
• Glass Bead blasting, sand blasting, mirror polish surfaces to provide and enhance final texture of soap, and guarantee smooth and accurate finishing
• Neflon coating to enhance soap design, surface hardness, help easy soap ejection and provides good finish to the soap
• Personalized Solutions for any kind of Stamping machines

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